Our Sponsors

  • The Toronto Art Therapy Institute is grateful to the following sponsors who have supported our program through generous donations:

2018 Donor:

Donner Canadian Foundation

Funding received from the Donner Foundation allowed TATI to create in partnership with the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre a one year, full-time Art Therapist position at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

  • 2011 Donors; Over $300.00:

    Joel Siegel, DTATI

  • 2011 Donors; Over $100.00:

    Connie Bist, DTATI
    Dr. Mark Egit Beth Hamilton, DTATI, RCAT
    Orythia Johnston, DTATI

  • 2011 Donors; Over $25.00:

    April Penny, D.T.A.T.I.
    Linda Attoe, DTATI,
    Esther Zeller Cooper, DTATI, RCAT
    Anna Sousa, DTATI, RCAT

  • 2014 Donors:$500.00 or Over

  • Beatrice Fischer

  • Foundations:

    The S.M. Blair Family Foundation
    The Harry A. and Rose Getz Foundation
    The Miriam and Harold Green Family Foundation
    The Wilson Foundation
    Stuff Canada

  • Retailers:

    EastDell Estates http://eastdell.com
    Dave and Charlotte’s No Frills 449 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto
    Cooper’s Office Furniture

  • Individuals:

    Ann Francis Oakes, DTATI, Director The Centre for Therapy Through the Arts therapythroughartsfoundation.i8.com
    Yvonne Rose, DTATI, RCAT, M.Ed.

  • Delta Bingo Gaming

    TATI is grateful for on-going sponsorship by St. Clair Delta Bingo

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