Frequently Asked Questions

Explanation of Prerequisites for Applying to TATI

As you can see from our website we require an undergraduate degree but we do not specify in what–the program teaches students all they need to know to become professional art therapists.  However, having said that, we do prefer that students have taken some fine art studio and some psychology.  We require our applicants to have engaged in and be engaging in art making in their daily lives.

We can only speak to the requirements for our program—all programs have their own specific requirements.


Do you accept mature students or people who do not have undergraduate degrees but have other diplomas and certificates?

No- we only accept candidates who have undergraduate degrees from recognized universities.


How long or how many words should the autobiography and statement be?

We leave this up to the applicant to decide.  We are interested in knowing what aspects of your background would make you a good candidate for becoming a Professional Art Therapist and in seeing that you are a person with an ability to be self-reflective.


How many pieces of my artwork should I include in my portfolio?

Again we leave this up to the applicant.  We are interested to see that you have an on-going process in making art or working with art materials.  You do not have to be a professional artist or a “good” artist to apply.

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