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TATI would like to congratulate Barbara Pierre, BSW, DTATI, RCAT, RSW, who worked for many years as an Art Therapist at the Hincks-Dellcrest Centre now the SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health, on her new job at Centennial College.

Her new job title at Centennial College is Counsellor and she works in the Centre for Accessible Learning and Counselling Services. There is one at each of the 5 campuses. As a counsellor she provides personal counselling, crisis intervention, consultations and referrals. In addition, she gathers documentation to support accommodations for students with disabilities.

Congratulations Barbara, on your new career path! (posted June 2019)

The TATI community wishes to congratulate Anna Portoraro, MA, DTATI, RP in her new full-time position at Bellwood Health Services in Toronto.  She was hired as Counsellor & Art Therapist at the beginning of March 2019.  Congrats on your brilliant career, Anna! (posted June 2019)

We’d like to congratulate Tania Iskiw, DTATI who has been hired for a one year contract working at the Toronto YWCA Breakthrough Program exploring creative resources alongside women who have experienced violence.   Congratulations Tania! (Posted March 2019)

Congratulations to TATI graduate Ellen-Elizabeth Paonessa, DTATI on being offered the position of full-time Art Therapist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre! (posted March 2019)

The TATI community would like to congratulate TATI graduate Jacqueline Compton, DTATI, RCAT, RP who has just accepted her new position as Director, Counselling Services at the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic—Congratulations, Jacquie on this wonderful career achievement!(posted February 2019)

See link to Queens University Wellness Centre Art Hives and Art Therapy services which TATI student Harper Johnston is involved in developing.  She was incorrectly identified as a “certified art therapist” through no fault of her own but she will soon be graduating Here is the link to the Gazette on-line newspaper, the faculty and staff newspaper, for Queen’s U.

TATI Grad, Samantha Binder, DTATI just obtained a position as Art Therapist at Mackenzie Health Hospital working in dementia and complex care, and stroke. She will be working 6 hours a week with dementia and complex care and 3 hours a week with stroke survivors.  Congratulations Sammy!! (posted Feb. 2019)

Congratulations to Nicole Markowitz, DTATI, RP (Q) who got the job at Rosalie Hall in Toronto as a Mental Health Therapist – Infant and Young Parent Focused!!

Way to go, Nicole!! (posted Jan. 2019)

Congratulations to Rebecca Epp, DTATI, Cand, who has just been hired by Tanis Dick & Associates Art Therapy & Counselling Services Ltd. in Winnipeg!  Rebecca will be providing art therapy services, working with children in care and their families. (posted Jan. 2019)

Your colleague and TATI graduate Martine Guay would like to share with you her recently published article (in Art Therapy:  Journal of the American Art Therapy Association).  We in the TATI community congratulate you, Martine, on this outstanding and very important research and article!      

TATI wishes to congratulate Dean Davis, DTATI, Cand. who has impressed the Health and Wellness Centre at OCADU so much that they have offered her a contract to continue the Art Therapy services she developed there as part of her practicum and Major Project this past year.  Congratulations Dean!! (posted December 2018)

We’d like to congratulate Claire Nicholls, DTATI who will be joining the Art Therapy team at Youthdale in their Intensive Extended Day Program, a voluntary day treatment program specifically designed for youth (16 to 19 years old) whose lives have been affected by mental health issues. She will be providing 4 hours weekly of Art Therapy services to this program.

Congratulations Claire!

TATI wishes to congratulate Amy Burdick, DTATI (Thesis pending) who has been offered a full-time contract position with the Child and Youth Mental Health team at Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions. This is a wonderful opportunity to welcome Art Therapy to a government funded agency within Muskoka—way to go Amy!!(posted December 4, 2018)

TATI wishes to congratulate Tania Iskiw, DTATI, on two accounts, obtaining a position at Red Door Family Shelter and on opening her Private Practice-Congratulations Tania!!

Tania Iskiw has been hired at Red Door Family Shelter to provide trauma-informed group art therapy for women and children.  Weekly groups focus on the ways in which individuals experience the world through five sense perception, body sensation, movement, emotion and cognition.  Using the arts, Tania works with these experiences to uncover creative and embodied resources, strengthen community supports and celebrate resiliency.

Tania Iskiw has also opened her private practice.  She specializes in visual art and music-making approaches combined with eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), sensorimotor psychotherapy and mindfulness.  She also continues to provide individual and group consultation for registration with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.

To refer clients and/or schedule an appointment for intakes or consultation, please contact Tania at: or 647 804 4406.  Her office is located at 526 Bathurst Street (Unit 1) and is open from 4-8pm on Wednesdays to Fridays.

Congratulations to Jessie and Emily!

Recently TATI grad Emily Whelan, DTATI, was hired to provide art therapy services to northern and remote indigenous communities.  Now the same agency has hired a second TATI graduate, Jessie Buchanan, DTATI, to work with Emily on the same project.  Here is an update from Jessie on their work:

“I hope this email finds you well! I just wanted to let you know that Emily Whelan and I are now working together at a new mental health organization Anderson Therapy Services (Dundas, Ont)! We have both been hired full time to create and deliver an art therapy program that services northern and remote, indigenous communities. In this role, we deliver art therapy services in our communities via teleconference (zoom, which is like Skype) and we occasionally visit our communities in person. We are creating a program that uses art assessments and treatment plans but using the medicine wheel as a template and guide. “

Grace Chiu, DTATI, RP,  (May 2009  cohort) has updated us with her news, ” After I completed the MA program at Waterloo, I continued my studies in Clinical Pastoral Education. I am working at the Scarborough Hospital as a Spiritual Care Practitioner and also have a private practice offering Art Therapy and Psychotherapy. ”  Great to hear Grace!!

We congratulate Sharon Trottier, DTATI who recently contributed as both a Lead artist and Art Therapist in the Personal Narratives Exhibit .  The exhibit ran till August 17, 2018 and more info can be viewed at:

TATI sends out congratulations to Christina Lee, DTATI who just graduated in June and who has accepted a full-time 1-year contract at Dr. Jay’s Children’s Grief Centre in Toronto as a Grief and Bereavement Counselor.
Congratulations Christina! We are all so proud of you! (posted July 2018)

TATI wishes to congratulate Emily Whelan, DTATI on her new position which sounds very exciting:
The position is as a full time art therapist working with children and youth in northern Ontario communities. This position involves on site work within fly-in communities, as well as art therapy through assistive technology (video art therapy). The agency is Anderson Speech Language Pathologists, who are currently going through a marketing shift to include mental health and other health services within their team. They have been providing speech language pathology services to remote fly in communities within Ontario for over 12 years. The communities have requested Art Therapy services, which prompted Anderson Speech to develop this program.
Congratulations Emily!(Posted July 2018)

Congratulations to Samantha Binder, DTATI who was hired several weeks ago as the art therapist at Peel Manor Long Term Care Facility. She works three days a week running art therapy groups and doing one to one sessions with residents.
That’s Terrific!!

Congratulations to TATI student Yehudis Stokes who is the recipient of two awards:Registered Nurses’ Foundation of Ontario, Julie Hall Scholarship for Neuroscience Nursing (valued at $1,500). This award supports Registered Nurses pursuing graduate education with an interest in the specialty of neuroscience nursing. The recipient must demonstrate excellence in neuroscience nursing and contributions to the advancement of clinical practice, education, or research within this specialty.
Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, Pediatric Nursing Interest Group Nursing Education Bursary – PhD level (valued at $700). This bursary supports PhD studies in nursing which are intended to improve excellence in pediatric nursing.

The Canadian Mental Health Association in Aurora has had TATI students do practicum with clients for many years. After the last practicum student, Rachel Charyk and Elena Kolnik finished their practicum, the clients liked it so much they continued their group on their own and now are having an exhibit at Aurora Public Library. See this link for further info:
You started something good, Elena and Rachel! (Posted March 2018)

Congratulations to TATI graduate Martine Guay, DTATI who has just had here article accepted to be published in Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association. Her article is entitled, “ Impact of Group Art Therapy on the Quality of Life for Acquired Brain Injury Survivors”
We are all so proud of you! (posted March 2018)

Congratulations to Alexandra Hanania, DTATI Cand., has just had an article published in the Canadian Art Therapy Association Journal!  It is entitled, “A Proposal for Culturally Informed Art Therapy With Syrian Refugee Women: The Potential for Trauma Expression Through Embroidery” and can be viewed at the following link:

Way to go Alexandra!

Congratulations to TATI grad, Sharon Trottier, DTATI, who illustrated a colouring book dedicated to mindful recovery from disordered eating.  Please see this link: Disordered/dp/1772441171/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1513880478&sr=8-1&keywords=mindful+colouring

We are happy to introduce Emily Whelan’s, DTATI part time Art Therapy private practice, located out of Circle Studios in Hamilton. Circle studios offers a holistic approach to wellness; she is the resident Art Therapist, working one on one with a variety of populations, as well as offering group workshops alongside the social workers who are part of the Circle Studios team. She is accepting new clients and is always interested in meeting other art therapists in the surrounding area. Pleas visit her website for more information:
 In addition, Emily continues to work for Trafalgar Residence as an art therapist with people with issues with addiction. (posted Nov. 23, 2017)

Congratulations to Emma Ates, DTATI, who has just been hired full time at the Centre Francophone of Toronto as a mental health therapist.  Emma brought Art Therapy to this agency on a part-time basis earlier this year and now they realize they need her and her wonderful skills full-time! (posted October 2017)

Congratulations to TATI January 2015 Distance Learning Program student, Rebekah Graves, in Kelowna, BC who has been offered a job at a private school with students with special needs, Studio9. This is a one year contract at an arts based private school that runs from kindergarten through grade 12. She will be working individually with students referred to art therapy for a variety of reasons, most predominantly those who are struggling with anxiety and depression, as well as children/adolescents who have Autism.(Posted October 2017)

Congratulations to Tania Iskiw!

Tania Iskiw (DTATI, HBA) has been hired at Toronto General Hospital to facilitate Art Therapy groups within the Eating Disorders Unit of the hospital.  Here, she works with adults experiencing eating disorders and comorbid mental health issues who are receiving inpatient support for physical and mental health recovery.  Exploring disturbed eating behaviours, body image and size manipulation includes understanding how clients endure emotions and difficult situations.  Through Art Therapy, this understanding may be enhanced as clients explore new living and coping strategies and focus on their recovery with acceptance, trust, self-caring, and personal empowerment.  Tania integrates her experience with mindfulness and sensorimotor psychotherapy approaches into the program, assisting clients in a process of noticing without judgment the thoughts, impulses and sensations that arise in the face of stressful circumstances and calling upon embodied resources to mediate these effects.  In this way, the program offers clients creative tools to explore and challenge the ways in which eating disorders stand in the way of living a full, healthy life.

We are so proud to have one of our graduates, Mayson Edell, DTATI, speaking at the CASP conference coming up!  Way to go Mayson!!  Her talk is entitled : “Self-Report Projective Art Therapy Assessments: A New Approach for Detecting Suicidality and its Psychological Risk Factors”.
 Here is a link to the conference site:
It will be located at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute (209 Victoria St.)

Congratulations to Emily Whelan, DTATI Thesis Pending from the January 2014 Program who is currently employed as a part time art therapist in addictions and mental health at Trafalgar Residence at their Erin and Rice Lake residences! (posted August 2017)

Congratulations to Christina Lee, DTATI, Cand. who was chosen by the media services art Princess Margaret Hospital to showcase the outstanding art therapy services she is providing in her practicum at Princess Margaret:

Congratulations to recent graduate, Raven Wilkins, DTATI who has been hired as a part time Art Therapist at St. Leonard’s Community Services mental health agency in Brantford, working 18 hours a week. She will be providing individual sessions with clients who are struggling with addictions and mental health related issues, as well as running a two hour open art therapy group called the Artistic Expressions group every Thursday at St. Leonards Community Services here Brantford. (Posted July 17, 2017)

Thanks for the great promotion of Art Therapy, Bertha and Rebecca!Last week TATI students, Bertha Fung and Rebecca Young participated in an educational fair at North York General Hospital.   They had a booth about Art Therapy and Rebecca had the pleasure of presenting to the CEO/President of North York General about their program on the unit. He suggested she write an article for Hospital News about their program.  Several other hospital staff from other units asked if they could send their patients to Bertha and Rebecca’s unit to attend their Tuesday morning Art Therapy program and they said….yes!( Posted June 22, 2017)

Congrats to Amy Smillie, DTATI, Cand, who has been hired by Malvern Family Resource Centre’s to run an art therapy group for women with disability:
The INCLUDED Project is a multi-part project aimed at connecting diverse women with disabilities in North-East Scarborough. The Creative Arts Program part of the project is being run by DTATI Candidate student Amy Smillie, and is also considered Malvern Family Resource Centre’s 12-week “art therapy pilot project” in exploring whether the Centre should be implementing a more expansive arts therapy program for clients of all ages.(Post May 2017)

Congratulations to Savannah Smith, DTATI CAND, who has just been offered a full-time job as an Art Therapist at the Cornwall Community Hospital starting in September! She will be on the clinical team of the Children’s Mental Health Day Treatment Program and will be providing individual and group art therapy sessions, as well as providing the children with emotional and behavioral support within the classroom. (Post May 2017)

Congratulations go out to Jennifer Page, DTATI, who has been hired by Doane House in Newmarket as their Art Therapy and Support Services Coordinator:
The Support Services Coordinator / Art Therapist provides support to members of the community who are seeking assistance in coping with anticipatory grief or grief associated with bereavement, and implements support programs through caregiver support, bereavement support and art therapy. (Post May 2017)

Congratulations to Emily (Ameara) McLennan, DTATI, Cand. who has obtained an exciting position at Camp Ramapo in Rhinebeck, New York. This is a well-known organization for children and youth from 6-16 with cognitive disorder, mental illness and autism. Emily was chosen to be one of three therapists on staff and will be supervising 10 undergraduate student camp counsellors.(Post May 2017)

Congratulations to Emma Ates, DTATI, on the launch of her book, “Contemplative Photo Therapy: Group Intervention for Youth with Anxiety Disorders”,
This book presents a research study on the construction of a contemplative photo therapy (CPT) model for group intervention to assist youth with anxiety disorders.
The purpose is to introduce the CAPT framework and demonstrate how CPT model might be a potential adjunct intervention to treatment which will promote creative expression, mindfulness skills, cognitive and affective awareness,
self-esteem and well-being.(Posted May 2017)

Congratulations to Emma Ates, DTATI in obtaining a part-time job at Centre Francophone de Toronto as an Art Therapist!(posted April 20, 2017)

Congratulations to Marina Saad, DTATI who has been hired by MHS Assessments, a company which publishes psychological assessments.  Marina’s role is in marketing and she is in charge of new assessment launches and conferences. It’s a full time position which allows her to travel a lot. She also gets to spend a lot of time with the authors learning about the reliability and validity of each test. It’s not quite art therapy, but she feels it fulfills her interest in mental health and enjoys her new job.

(posted April 3, 2017)

Anahita Kiani, DTATI will be presenting on the benefits of art therapy in palliative care a conference sponsored by the Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital, Embracing Palliative Care: Compassion, Comfort & Choice on March 30th, 2017 (8:00am-4:00pm) at the Edward Village Hotel Markham (50 E Valhalla Dr. Markham). Thanks for promoting art therapy Anahita! (posted March 2017)

Congratulations to Nichole Markowitz who has just been hired by the Jerome D. Diamond centre to run art therapy groups for their middle school students.  Jerome D. Diamond is a program of the Jewish Child Family and Child Services of Toronto.(posted March 2017)

Update on Sara Cameron, DTATI who writes to say that she is currently working at  Sanctuari Transformative Arts Centre in Collingwood. She is the resident Art Therapist and Nia dance instructor. Sara Ann blends Art Therapy and movement practice in her sessions, to offer a holistic practice that welcomes balance and mind-body connection.(posted March 2017)

Congrats to Nicole Levy, DTATI who will be leaving her current position at FAME for an exciting new opportunity in a private practice in Durham, New Beginnings Ontario, as a Child, Adolescent and Family Therapist.  Best wishes and enjoy the transition!  (Posted January 2017)

Congratulations to Mayson Edell, DTATI for her new job. She will be an Art Therapist for children and adolescents at the Parent Education Resource Centre, starting January. This is their website: January 2017)

Congratulations go out to Sarah Hughes, DTATI who has a position at Catarino House in Hamilton,  a new agency that offers support services to improve the  quality of life for children living with cancer, and or those receiving palliative care and their siblings through complementary and alternative therapies. Her role as the art therapist is to facilitate groups and individual sessions at the center, in clients’ homes, and or at MacKids. (Posted September 2016)

Congratulations to Jessica Flaman, DTATI, Cand., who has just been hired at Hincks Dellcrest Centre as a Senior Youth Mental Health Practitioner for their City Residential Treatment Program. (Posted August 2016)

Congrats to Brianna Kestle, DTATI, who will be joining Private Matters Psychotherapy, located in downtown Burlington. She will be working as an art therapist alongside a team of therapists and counselors with different specialties. For anyone who may wish to refer clients in the Burlington area, all the information can be found at:

Congratulations go out to Brianna Kestle, DTATI and Coreen Gilligan, DTATI, who have both been hired by the “Société Alzheimer Society Brant Haldimand Norfolk Hamilton Halton” in the position of “Creative Expressions Facilitator/Art Therapist”.  They each are facilitating two groups for individuals who are in the early to mid stages of dementia or alzheimer disease. The groups are based on the Museum of Modern Art in NYC Alzheimer’s Art Program.
The MOMA Program is renown and how wonderful that this program can also be offered in Canada with TATI graduates Brianna Kestle, DTATI and Coreen Gilligan, DTATI facilitating (posted July 2016).

We wish Kevin Farrugie, winner of the Best Major Project Award this year, many congratulations!!  He has just started a full-time position with Woodview Children’s Mental Health and Autism Services in Halton, Hamilton and Brantford, as one of their Office Based Therapists. Congratulations Kevin!! (posted July 2014)

Congratulations to Jennifer Page, DTATI who has been hired on a contract basis as an Art Therapist to facilitate weekly groups at Rice Lake Residence and Trafalgar Residence. These two residences offer support and holistic treatment in a residential setting, for men and women in recovery from addictions, compulsive behaviours, and experiencing concurrent disorders.  (Posted June 2016)

Congratulations go out to Anahita Kiani, DTATI (Thesis Pending) who has been hired by two organizations, Doane House Hospice and the Able Network.  Anahita, we are so happy that you are representing the profession of art therapy in the York Region! (Posted June 2016)
Congratulations to Mariana Boazak, DTATI, Thesis Pending, from the September 2014 Program who has just landed a great job as a caseworker with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel as they try to implement a mentoring program for newcomer elementary students, particularly Syrian students who have suffered trauma, using arts and creative expression as the foundation of the curriculum.  What a tremendous opportunity and Mariana is just perfect for the position! (posted April 2016)

Recent TATI graduate, Min Jung Choi , DTATI is now working in, Suwon, Korea as an art therapist in the psychiatric hospital there.  Along with the full range of medical treatment one would receive in psychiatry, the patients are now able to benefit from art therapy.  We are so proud to have a graduate bringing art therapy to a country in which art therapy is very, very new.  Congratulations Min Jung!(Posted March 2016)

Congratulations to Jessica Flaman, DTATI, Thesis Pending, who has a newly obtained job at the Kyla Fox Centre!(Posted March 2016)

Congratulations to Emily McIntosh, DTATI, who has been hired as an Art Therapist at Alzheimer’s Outreach Services of McCormick Home in London, Ontario.  We wish you all the best in bringing art therapy to our elders! (Posted March 2016)

Congratulations go out to new graduate Kevin Farrugie, DTATI who was hired at the beginning of February at The Delton Glebe Counselling Centre in Waterloo as their art therapist! (Poste Feb. 2016)

Congrats go out to Ainslee Winter, DTATI, Thesis Pending, who has just been hired as a part-time Art Specialist at New Beginnings Children and Youth Services in Windsor!  Here is her job description at New Beginnings: “To design, provide and evaluate art therapy programing for Youth Justice clients, Attendance Centre clients in classroom, group, individual settings as well as satellite programs”

Congrats to Heidi Argyle, DTATI, who just graduated and is working at very noteworthy program described below:
“The Salvation Army Lawson Ministries Hamilton – Paparella Innovative Art Program provides adults with developmental disabilities a creative space to gain a sense of self-awareness and life meaning. For many of the participants, the creative process serves as an alternative means of communication and expression. Motivational art projects are geared towards each individual’s level of cognitive and physical ability. Throughout the year, participants of the program have an opportunity to exhibit their artwork in the Hamilton community.
The Paparella Innovative Art program started out in 2008 as a pilot project and has since grown to be regular curriculum of Lawson Ministries. Currently, the program runs five sessions per week with a total enrollment of 28 students. The program provides a range of multi-faceted sensory stimulation while exposing the students to wide range of media. The art production is focused on technique compounded with free exploration. While most of the students work independently on pieces, collaboration is also encouraged.

Art Therapy on TV

See Andrea Charendoff, BA, BSc, DTATI

Art Therapist be interviewed on tv about Adult Colouring:

Great news for TATI graduate Krista Schneider who is moving into a new position after being Counsellor/Art Therapist at Addiction Services of Thames Valley for a little under a year:  “I also wanted to let you know that I’m starting a new position as Regional Coordinator for Behavioural Supports Ontario in the Erie-St. Clair LHIN on the 22nd.  I’m so looking forward to being a part of some big changes in how we support those living with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease who are experiencing responsive behaviours.  It was a difficult decision to leave Addiction Services of Thames Valley as it’s a truly incredible organization, but I couldn’t pass up this amazing new challenge.”  Good for you Krista – we know you’ll bring positive change to this field!

Monique Bedard, DTATI, Cand.  has recently been hired as Lead Artist and Facilitator at 7th Generation Image Makers a program of Native Child and Family Services in Toronto.  In March 2015 she and the 7th Generation team facilitated a painting and graffiti workshop with 150 Indigenous youth at the OFIFC ‘Nurture the Fire’ Youth Gathering. Monique describes the event:  “We shared a teaching on the Seven Fires Prophecy and the youth created their own bundle of what that means to them through painting- it was amazing!” For more info on 7th Generarion Image  Makers connect to: 

Colourful Minds-TATI Student Creates Interactive Erasable Wall at North York General

Marina Saad, DTATI Thesis Pending, has completed a tremendous major project at North York General Hospital in the in-patient psychiatric unit-please go to this link to see and read more about it see:

and:  Wonderful work Marina!!

Way to go Jo-Anne van Draanen, DTATI,Torchbearer for the Pan Am Games!
“Thanks to the wonderful volunteer experience gained as a student at TATI, I applied through TATI to be a torchbearer at the upcoming Pan Am games.  Yesterday the great news came, I have been selected to be a torchbearer and I will run here in Toronto, proudly carrying the torch as part of this historic event!  Thank you TATI for offering so many wonderful opportunities on all levels! “ Jo-Anne van Draanen

Great News from Recent Graduate Paul Byron, DTATI ! :

I’m very pleased to inform you that I was recently awarded an Ontario Arts Council ‘Artists in the Community/Workplace’ grant ($10,000 category) for a project, 1000 Candles, which I’ll conduct at Hong Fook!

Project description below:

1000 Candles: Workshop on Public Art, Hong Fook Mental Health

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.  Happiness never decreases by being shared.

– The Buddha

Deriving its inspiration from the above quote, 1000 Candles is an initiative of Hong Fook Mental Health (HF) that will permit client artists to share their own inner light by creating works of public art.  From June to September 2015, HF and guest artist/art therapist Paul Byron will conduct a 4-month series of weekly workshops inviting participants to explore their personal narratives by creating art, using the metaphor of Light to discuss themes of awakening and transformation.  The first half of the workshop will introduce participants to the design process and visual storytelling, while the second takes this knowledge and applies it to making large scale paintings.  Stories of recovery reside at the heart of this process.  Participants will learn how to use art practically and expressively while sharing their life experiences in socially integrated group environments.  Workshops will be run with established, culturally specific groups at Hong Fook, as well as in an open setting designed to foster cross-cultural exchange.

A final exhibition of client works will be held at Daniels Spectrum Artscape, coinciding with Mental Health Awareness Week from the 5th-11th October.  The entire experience will be documented in a catalogue, and made available at the exhibition and in independent distribution.  We are currently interested to establish supporting partners for the purposes of event attendance and catalogue distribution, to ensure the maximum impact for this project.

See the Hamilton Spectator article on Genevieve Stacey’s, DTATI, Cand., innovative project with youth at:

Congratulations to Tiffany Merritt, DTATI, Cand., who has just had an article published on the 889 Yoga Blog! on art therapy and yoga-a topic of which she is very knowledgeable.  Kudos to you Tiffany!
You can check it out HERE:

Congratulations to Patricia Ki, DTATIwho worked with Dr. Lee and her colleagues at York University in the Nursing Department to develop and facilitate an art therapy group for Chinese women who have survived cancer. Dr. Lee has written an article on the program and it is now published in the Journal of Scientific Research and Reports and Patricia Ki  listed as an author.  Please see below the link to the article (it’s the 4th article on the list)  Excellent work Patricia!

Congratulations to Amy Cater, DTATI who was recently hired by the Delton
Glebe Counselling Centre as an art therapist. The Centre is affiliated through
Wilfred Laurier University and its seminary college, and though the centre is
only a year old, it is full of potential. Amy will be providing art therapy to the greater Waterloo regional community.

Congratulations and salutations go out to Krista Schneider who was just offered a permanent full time position with Addiction Services of Thames Valley in a counselling role, with the potential to implement art therapy.  She accepted of course!

Congrats to Jocelyn Suddaby, DTATI who has just started her own private practice in Huntsville, Ontario.  Check it out at :

Kudos to Krista Schneider!  She has been asked by the Dementia and Ageing Research Team (DART) at the University of Manchester, UK to review the recently published Improving Memory through Creativity by Amanda Alders Pike.  The review will be published in Dementia:  International Journal of Social Research and Practice.  Krista was contacted through the CATA website, because of her art therapy work in dementia and geriatrics.

Congratulations go out to Michelle Pennells, DTATI, Cand. who has just obtained a job at Bayridge Counselling Centers as their Art Therapist.  Wonderful news Michelle!

Congratulations to Sara Cameron, DTATI, who just got the job as Bereavement Services Coordinator for the North Simcoe Muskoka Palliative Care Network, Orillia office.   Anyone who knows Sara will know she was made for this position, having specialized in bereavement and grief in her studies at TATI.  Way to go Sara!

See Kelly Setter’s wonderful personal story of healing through art at this link:

Congratulations to Sari Richter, DTATI, who just started working at Youthdale as a part-time art therapist.  She will be working with at team of five other professionals, CYW’s, social workers and a psychologist in a brand new program called the Extended Day Program for transitional aged youth from 16-24.  Sari and her team will be debuting this new program initially at Covenant House while renovations are being completed at Youthdale to house the program.

Have a look at the wonderful project Paul Byron is working on with women in the Regent Park area of Toronto:

Kudos to Krista Schneider who is highlighting art therapy at a large conference in Toronto:

“The conference will be held at the Eaton Chelsea downtown Toronto, Friday June 20th and Saturday June 21.  I will be doing a poster presentation and I’ve entitled it The HUB Arts Project:  Creating collaborative mental health care opportunities in rural communities.  I’ll be focusing on the need for collaboration between private therapy providers, community organizations, CHC’s and other primary care institutions to bring a well-rounded mental health care picture in rural communities.  I feel the Hub Project is a great example of this kind of collaboration.

I’ll also be involved in the London Creative Age Festival from May 23-24, acting as a Keynote speaker, as well as providing a presentation and workshop for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  My Keynote presentation will be entitled The Art of Aging: How Staying Creative Impacts the Mind and Spirit as We Age.  I’ll be discussing both art and art therapy as part of self-care through the transition and change that accompany aging.  The audience for this presentation will be primarily professionals working in the field of geriatrics, long term care and the senior population.  This talk will be held at Inspirit Residences in London on May 23.  My presentation for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, The Art of Recovery, will be held on May 25 at the Byron Auditorium and it is open to the general public.

I’m very happy to have so many great opportunities to promote the arts and art therapy to not only the public, but also to other mental health and health care professionals. ” Krista Schneider

Congratulations to Laura Bromwich: Laura Bromwich, from the May 2012 Program has just been hired as Clinical Art Therapist at St. Joseph’s Health Centre Hamilton in the Mood Disorders and Out-Patient Mental Health programs.

Congratulations to Erin Briggs:  Erin Briggs, from the TATI September 2010 Program, has been hired on full-time at Youthdale as a program coordinator and art therapist.

Sarah Smith, DTATI Cand. Wins First Place with Art Therapy Project for Older Adults!  Congratulations Sarah!

Sarah Smith, who is almost finished her thesis, has been working with older adults at Bloomington Cove Long Term care Centre where she  was approached by researchers from a university who facilitate research on the aging in Canada.
Long story short, she facilitated sessions with her clients at Bloomington about with the theme of what makes their time at Bloomington Cove special or to make a piece of art to represent how they feel at Bloomington Cove. Sarah and her clients won first place out of all the submissions submitted from all over North America at the Walk with Me, Changing the Culture of Aging Conference, a large international conference which recently took place.  To see the artwork which will now become a permanent and framed installation with a plaque at Bloomington Cove, go to this address:


Listen to this report on Suzanne’s groundbreaking work on”Metro Morning”:

For the last ten years the Gardiner Museum and the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic have partnered to offer an engaging series of Art Therapy groups for women who have experienced violence. Since 2003, clients of the Schlifer Clinic have worked with a professional artist (Susan Low-Beer) and an art therapist (Suzanne Thomson) in the Museum’s clay studios to sculpt their trauma narratives in clay, transforming their pain and reconnecting with their resilience and strength. This partnership was established by former Director of Education, Diane Wolfe. In 2013 these Art Therapy groups will culminate in a landmark exhibition, Transformation by Fire, designed to raise public awareness about violence against women in a sensitive, informed and compelling way, and to provide accessible and inspiring real life role models for anyone who has either experienced or witnessed violence.

Kirsten Camartin, DTATI (Thesis Pending), MSW is in the local news in her neck of the woods with this article about the important work she is doing to support people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias and the exhibit she organized at the Tom Thomson Art Gallery.  See link below:

  • Angela Lee, MD, DTATI, sends this update from Ethiopia a where she is volunteering, ” I am currently in the middle of setting up an art therapy program for an orphanage in Bahir Dar to provide both group and individual art therapy. Hopefully it will start running by the end of August. “
  • Sara Cameron, DTATI. on YouTube discussing her art, her art therapystudies and her passion at:
  • TATI graduate Nancy Moreau Battaglia, MBA, DTATI, has recently been promoted to Program Director at the Seasons Centre for Grieving Children in Barrie-Congratulations Nancy!
  • Louise S. Weir
  • Lia Falzon, DTATI, will be presenting her work with adult substance users on Monday May 30, 2011 at the 43rd annual conference of The Alcohol and Drug Recovery Association of Ontario. Her talk is entitled, ART THERAPY FOR TRAUMATIZED INDIVIDUALS IN AN OUTPATIENT SUBSTANCE ABUSE PROGRAM.
  • Ashleigh Geddes, DTATI Cand., has just been hired by Rapport Youth and Family Services in Brampton as a Youth Arts Facilitator. She will be facilitating the Youth Arts Against Violence Program from April 2010 until December as a contract Art Therapist Candidate.
  • Julie Epp, DTATI, from the September 2007 Program has been doing some amazing work with the “Tree of Life” in Winnipeg. Well done Julie and best wishes in all your future endeavors, TATI
    Read More …
  • Julie Epp from the September 2007 Program conducts a Tree of Life Workshop in Winnipeg
  • Lia Falzon
  • Sara Cameron – Doane House Hospice Programs
  • Sara Cameron in the York Region News
  • Paola Denegri has an art exhibit at the Propeller Centre for the Arts May 11-22, 2011
  • Sari Richter has an art exhibit at the Moonbeam Cafe at 30 St. Andrew Street-Opening May 12 at 7:00 pm.
  • See Mary Krohnert’s Variety Village Art Therapy Group’s On-LIne Art Exhibit at
  • Heather Hennick has been chosen to exhibit in the juried show, “2011 Vaughan Juried Exhibition :  An Art Integration”. at the Vaughan City Playhouse Theatre.  For more information
  • Angela Lee, M.D., DTATI has been working as an art therapist at Shalem Mental Health Network with at – risk youth in Hamilton, Ontario since July 2012.
  • Maria Teresa Hernandez, DTATI, Thesis Pending, has been hired to work for the Toronto YWCA Choices for Living Program for women coping with mental health challenges providing art therapy group and incorporating her interests in Mindfulnees and Yoga.
  • Jacques Comeau, DTATI, is working in Montreal at two rehabilitation centers with people who have recently suffered a spinal injury.  He provides support to them and helping them to understand what to expect by sharing literature, resources and his own experiences and organize activities.  The organizations he works for also provide support to anyone with a spinal injury in fighting for rights in Quebec.
  • David Cho, DTATI Thesis Pending, has been hired as part of the clinical team at Yorktown Family Services in Toronto. Yorktown is a centre of excellence for Children’s Mental Health.
  • Eugenia Canas, M.A., DTATI, Thesis Pending, has been hired bymindyourmind, anaward-winning, not-for-profit online and face-to-face program that involves youth in transition in conversations about mental health. mindyourmind works with youth to create Canada-wide anti-stigma campaigns, games and resources that encourage youth to reach out, get help and give help. Her role is to develop mindyourmind‘s community of practice, a growing, multidisciplinary group of professionals who work with youth. She works with these professionals to develop in-session directives and activities, and resiliency/self-care tools.
  • Janet Donaldson, DTATI, Thesis Pending, has been hired by BOOST to provide art therapy services and other services to children and families who have experienced abuse.
  • Kayla Cardinal, DTATI Thesis Pending, has moved back to Winnipeg and has her hands full with art therapy work:  “I am currently providing art therapy services to two shelters in Winnipeg. I provide services for the staff (group and individual art therapy), women and children (group art therapy). I am developing a crisis art therapy program and women’s art therapy program (in house and outreach) at one of the shelter’s. I am also privately practicing; doing home-based art therapy. My goal is to bring art therapy to all the shelter’s in Winnipeg; offering workshops, group programs, and staff programs (compassion fatigue).”
  • Julie Epp, DTATI, finds creative ways of helping street children in Rwanda.  Learn what Julie is doing to help at:

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